Launceston leads Australia with 'smart city' network launch

Launch event: November 8th @ 10:30am, Enterprize Launceston, 22-24 Paterson St

Launceston now has a live and publicly-accessible Long Range Low Power open innovation network for developing 'Internet of Things' applications.

Enterprize CEO Dr Gary McDarby said "This is another fine example of Tasmania making a first-in-Australia mark in innovation and technology.  The 'internet of things' allows companies and individuals to really change the way they communicate and collect information, whilst avoiding the often large costs around hardware."

Dr McDarby continued "the applications for IoT are endless, and we're already seeing Tasmanian success stories emerging in fields as diverse as agriculture, tourism and air quality monitoring. With our upcoming LoRa Schools Challenge we'll also be getting our youngest and brightest up to speed, so that they can innovate and take the state forward with this technology.  It's really an exciting time."

The LoRaTAS launch event will feature:

  • Address by the Hon. Michael Ferguson MP (Minister for Information Technology and Innovation, Tasmanian State Government)
  • Address by Dr Gary McDarby (CEO of Enterprize Tasmania)
  • Demonstrations by the LoRaTas project team.

Technical workshops will be held in Launceston and Hobart in November 2017. This is the third and final stage of the LoRaWAN pilot (LoRaTAS) project.

The project is a collaboration between Enterprize Tasmania, the University of Tasmania’s Sense-T, CSIRO’s Data61 and Definium Technologies, and uses 12 gateways manufactured by local company, Definium Technologies, distributed throughout the region and providing full network coverage in Launceston and surrounds. Gateways are also located in key Hobart sites.

For further information, contact Dr Tristan Richards, Community Manager (Hobart)  /  0418 591 709