LoRaWAN Technology

While LoRa is how devices communication via radio signals, the LoRaWAN standard is how multiple gateways work together to get data from devices to the correct applications.

 Image by SemTech 2017

Image by SemTech 2017

The LoRa wireless communication technology is from the company SemTech.

LoRaWAN is an open standard developing by the LoRa Alliance


Both of these organisations have a wealth of information about LoRa and LoRaWAN on their websites.  We have read (or are reading through the latest updates in ) all the technical information as we setup our network. We have added a resources list on this website with links to interesting information (Calling all Engineers and Developers, you may like to get straight into the details).  

We will announce the date of the first LoRaTAS open forum soon where we can unpack the details that are important.  Send any questions or suggestions through our contact page to us as we are more that happy to field any questions you might have.