Introducing LoRaTAS

LoRaTAS is building a pilot LoRa network in Tasmania with support from the Tasmanian Government.

LoRa, which stands for Long Range, is a disruptive technology for wireless radio data transmission technology. LoRa has four pillars of disruption.

The first pillar is the long range of LoRa wireless communication. We are talking about 2-3kms in urban areas with buildings, and easily over 10km with line of sight and it is successfully working over 25km.  LoRa can work as well up close too and can actually transfer data at faster rates at close range.

It is a great time in the confluence of IoT awareness and the capabilities of technology.

The second pillar is that LoRa wireless uses low power.  Power usage is at such a low level that a battery can power a LoRa device for 5-10 years.  That opens up opportunities that could not have otherwise been possible in locations that don't have a power supply from solar or mains.

The third pillar is that LoRa gateways can be setup by anyone.  This technology is not locked into deployment by only the large Telecom companies because it costs a couple of thousand dollars per location rather that hundreds of thousands of investment per location. A business, farmer or organisation, even individuals, can setup a LoRa gateway in their location to use LoRa in a timeframe that suits them.

The fourth pillar is that the LoRa devices can be manufactured at costs that are competitive with other technologies and in many cases will have lower over all costs.

A technology for wireless IoT to use anywhere

LoRaTAS offers three things  

1      First, an ongoing plan to build an open LoRaWAN network across Tasmania that is open to use by community, government and industry. We have the passion for introducing IoT and technology and through forums, presentations and demonstrations we will pass on what we know so you can use this technology yourself.

2      Organisations and individuals can "bring your own" gateway and join it to our network through our sponsorship programs.  By joining your gateway to LoRaTAS you will be able to roam your devices across all locations of the network and expand the size of the network for you and everyone else to use.  

3     We are building case studies on applications in the themes of sensing, predictive, control, and human interaction.  These may inspire you to new ideas, or form a foundation of a business case to take into your organisation to gather support for your organisation to started with LoRa.

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