The project uses gateways manufactured by Definium Technologies with 7 installed across Launceston with a further 7 gateways planned to be installed covering the West Tamar and Meander Valley local government areas (LGAs).

In collaboration with the Office of the Coordinator General, all the Councils in the Launceston, Meander Valley and West Tamar areas have been consulted and invited to participate in the LoRaTAS Pilot project.

We use a standard for the wireless communication over LoRa called AS923.  This standard is used in many countries in the asian region (the AS in the standard is for ASia), and the 923 is for 923MHz which is the central frequency used.  This is important for people and organisations buying or using devices as the devices need to be using AS923 AS1 920-923MHz.  Tip - there is an older standard for Australia called AU915 that is inferior to AS923 and should be avoided, as those devices can not be used on the LoRaTAS gateways. 

Devices using LoRaTAS will use the closest gateway so if a device is mobile it can roam between gateways.  That makes deployment of devices easy as the setup is not specific to a particular gateway and also opens up opportunities for solutions where a device might operate in a couple of different locations, for example in Hobart for a while (using the Hobart gateways) and then be moved to Launceston for a while (and use the Launceston gateways) and it will work without needing any changes to the settings.


Current and planned gateways for the LoRaWAN network in and around Launceston.